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The Universe is Testing

I feel like the universe is challenging me.  For quite a number of years life has been a lovely calm sea with the occasional wave to navigate.  In the last month it's definitely turned to stormy seas.  It's nothing bad, i just feel completely stressed at the moment.  To be honest I'm totally unused to stress.  Which is a wonderful thing to be able to say.

Now I have house building/buying issues, being promoted to manager issues and pending exams.  And really the exams should perhaps be the front of the list but the other two just keep getting in the way; I've done very little study, my profiles are half done and my practical exam is in a week and a half.  The thing is the exams don't worry me, what's stressing me more is the fact that i'm not worried about them.

Since i've been promoted to manager I feel like i'm turning into mikes slave... That's a strong exaggeration; the term office hours doesn't seem to exist in this world and while i'm not working all the time I seem to be called at any time of the day.  I just feel like I can't get away from it and I have to have my phone glued to me.  I need to pick two days off a week and they are mine. Today I got a call from customers looking to book in, I'm am not impressed with that. I'll sort out staffing stuff from my phone but I'm not taking bookings.

House stuff is exciting and terrifying all the same time.  We are very close to buying a site, the owner is being stubborn and is not budging from the marked price.  But what's money at the end of the day, it's totally worth the price and we find ourselves coming closer and closer to it and we are both happy with that.  We've got an architect on board too.  The whole thing is terrifying and takes a bit of organising and a lot of to-ing and fro-ing with phone calls. So once again my phone is glued to me and I can't take a day off from that.

I feel like I haven't had a day to myself in ages. My brain has been partitioned into three parts: one fifth for massage, two fifths for work and two fifths for house.  I find myself switching between the three.  It actually like a switch, close down one set of files and load up the new ones.

Thanks once again LJ for allowing me to rant to you.  I should just rename this the ranting journal.  Right while i'm waiting for our architect to visit i'll try and fit in some more work on my case studies.

A blank page

Well that was a first.  I went to my friends page which i'll check once a month or so if i'm being good.  I know, I just forget and i'm not on a computer all that much either...

Anyway there were loads of posts from communities that i'm joined in (well really only one community) and so I went up to my filter because I like to see what my friends are up to before I look through community stuff.  And guess what??????

My friends page was empty :(

I guess i'm not the only one who keeps forgetting about LJ.

I thought that was worthy of a post.
Aonach Eagach

Snow days

Typing in here the last day worked wonders for waking up my brain.  I went back to my case studies and wrote loads.

Guess what, I'm working on case studies again and struggling with them, well more struggling to make the words come.  Hopefully this will work as well today as it did the last day.

Hang on a second, I must go get the heater, it's freezing in here.
That is much better; buying a little fan heater was the best thing ever.  Haaaa... lovely warm air.

It snowed on Sunday night, I was really surprised to look out the window and see it covered in snow.  Surprisingly it has lasted until today.  It was raining all morning and that has melted most of it.  There are still a few lingering clumps scattered around the garden.  The weather has been so stunning the last few days that I totally put off any work I had to do and went outside.

On Monday I went for a fabulous walk along the beach, the views were spectacular, and it was quite warm.  I was all wrapped up with my warm coat, gloves and hat and after 10 mins of walking I was down to my hoodie with my sleeves rolled up.  It's the warmest day we've had all winter.
Yesterday then, there was still loads of snow so I went for a stroll up Seefin, my local mountain.  I started walking from the house, it was wonderful.  There was loads of snow up high, at times we were walking through knee deep snow.  It was so much fun, and again really warm.  I think I spent the entire time with a smile on my face, I love the snow, it makes the country so beautiful.  I got some stunning photos.

Today it's back to a typical Irish day, grey, raining and cold.  And now I really must try to write up some more case studies.  I'm working most of next week so won't have much time to get them done.
Sheets onthe Line

(no subject)

I've been spending quite a lot of time lately sitting in front of my computer.  I'm doing homework for my massage course.  I'm not doing great with it right now since i'm typing here instead of in my case study file.  I'm hoping that if I manage to get some words flowing here it will transfer over...

As I already mentioned Christmas was great.  Making presents for people is a fantastic idea.  It brought back the whole spirit of Christmas, it was magical once again.  I also really appreciated all the presents I received because I knew how much thought went into each one of them.  Yeah...

Janurary has been fairly uneventful so far.  I've been spending quite a bit of time working on Case Studies and giving people massages.  The massage part is easy, i'm finding the writing part slow going, mostly becasue i'm a little unmotivated.  They really are not that bad, I've broken them all down into twenty five parts in total and i've done five parts.  I'm a fifth of the way thought, not too bad at all.  I must do a bit of study for tomorrow too.

Right I've woken my brain up to writing and typing, time to go now.  Thank you LJ.
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Aonach Eagach

An inspiration.

I have to write about this just so that when I feel like giving up this should come back to motivate me.

Today in the high ropes an eleven year old boy arrived to do the high course.  He was tall enough and while initially I thought he may be a bit lonely (it was just him and his dad and his dad was staying on the ground) I wasn't going to stop him going up, until I looked at him a little closer.  He was missing half an arm.  I still let him go up fully expecting to have to rescue him soon after he went on it.  

How wrong I was.  He completed the entire high ropes course by himself with out a single complaint, except to inform me his weaker arm was getting tired and was really feeling the stretch.  He totally inspired me.  He was amazing, full of determination and independence.

It was incredible to watch him figure out ways of doing things that worked for him. There are three obstacles on the course that I really though he would be unable to do one handed, the burma loops, the cargo net and the swinging planks. He took a little time to figure them out but he completed every single obstacle on the high ropes course by himself.

It was an amazing thing to see, what people are capable of doing if they put their minds to it.
Autumn 2010

Massage and catch up

Live Journal I have somewhat abandoned you lately.  I guess I'm just busy with other things.  These last few weeks it feels like all i've been doing is working.  I am currently on a 10 day stretch, before that I have one day off following another 9 day stretch.  A few days off will be nice.

Did I mention I've started a massage course?  Well now I am mentioning it.  I'm on week three.  So far we have only been working on the massage motions and a few muscles.  I'm really enjoying it.  I've even bought a massage couch, can't wait until it arrives, if it ever does, there has been a wee mix up with the delivery company and the sales company.  Ah well, i'll ring them tomorrow and hopefully get it sorted.

I am tired but not exhausted.  Oh god, look at the time.  Time for me to go to bed.

Oh, Liam never rang me, he's in Wales doing his MIA training.

Good Night
Autumn 2010

A very quick update with a photo

Oh I've been so bad for updating lately, to be honest i've been so bad for turning on my computer lately.  Although when I think about it that's not really a bad thing.  My days and nights have been spent working, crafting and learning.

The learning is a fairly new addition to the list.  I've just started a course in holistic massage.  I had my first class yesterday. 

Knitting and crochet are still going strong.  I have photos of my latest creation.

Autumn 2010


I bought a new bike, I got it on Saturday. So far i've cycled 125km on it, how mad is that.  It had it's first fall today. 

It was actually quite funny, I was cycling down a really steep hill at a handy enough pace.  I went round a bend and there was a car coming towards me.  So I put on my breaks and my lovely new tyres which are designed for speed on the road decided to go for a bit of a skid and my back tyre was weaving all over the place.  So I think then I pulled my front break a little hard and my back wheel jumped over the handle bars.  I jumped out of the way, totally unscathed and let my bike fall.  I think i might have given the driver of the car a bit of a fright, he stopped his car and was like "you fell..." to which i replied "no my bike fell, I jumped out of the way".  I hopped back on my bike and continued on my merry way.  

You can see the route here:

I'm still knitting and crocheting and baking and unemployed until the end of the month.  Then I have two months of work lined up.  Woo hooooo...  Constant money for a whole two months, i'll be rich.  

Right i must go, i've shopping to do.
Colourful Clothes


I could start this post with my customary sentence of "wow it's been so long since i've posted anything here" but that's unoriginal. 

Lately i've been spending all my free time knitting and crocheting, i'm hopelessly addicted. I love watching how a ball of wool turns into a wonderful creation.  It's fantastic.

I just totally lost my train of thought by going off and looking at more knitting patters and some ideas to get me back sewing.  I have loads of old bits of material and a very lonely unused sewing machine.

It's quite funny looking through my little stash of wool, i've come to the conclusion that this years colours for me are teal blue and a wine/berry shade of purple.  I have to make a concious effort when I go into a yarn shop not to come out with either of those two colours.

I've been doing a bit of cycling lately, very early training for the ring of kerry.  I haven't been going mad or anything just a few 20 to 30 km cycles on the flat, to get my bum used to sitting on a saddle again and to keep me a bit fit.

Oh I totally need a crafty userpic, right that's what i'll do now.