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Adventures in Life

and the outdoors

28 January 1981
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To really get to know me, you need to scoot on over to my journal. It's hard to sum up my world in a few lines, but allow me to attempt that now.

I wouldn't exactly follow what people would consider a normal path in life. I was a child, we moved around a bit, I went to school and then I went to college. That is really when I became me. I studied physics for six years and left the wonderful grounds of UCC with a Masters. After that I went travelling for a year. During that year I circumnavigated the world and visited that countries of India, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Fiji and USA. I returned home with dreams of working in the outdoors. I followed those dreams and that's where I am now. I live in Kerry with a view of sea, sky, mountains and forest.